Monday, October 26, 2009

Around and around

Downtown Vancouver is the main business, shopping, and night-life district in the Lower Mainland. I absolutely love the area which is why I work and go to school there, and if I could afford it, I'd probably be living there too. Although it's one of the most dense areas in this metro, you can find little bits of peace and quiet without straying too far from the parties.

My favorite time of day is just after the sun sets but before it gets completely dark: twilight. It's a great time to do people watching and you learn a lot about these seemingly boring people in suits and pencil skirts. A lot of people would have finished work an hour or so ago already but it seems like they linger a bit longer here in downtown. Whether it's to go shopping, grabbing a coffee or just taking in the fresh air in the many public spaces, it's almost as if people just aren't ready to go home yet, like they have something unfinished with their day.
I always try to be downtown at this time, and today was no different. Snapped this shot from the The Station's courtyard. The building is the Harbour Centre, where one of my school's campuses is located, and is famous for it's unique silhouette in the Vancouver skyline. The top UFO shaped portion is the top-notch and quite pricey Revolving Restaurant. The Revolving Restaurant is special because it does just that, revolve.

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