Thursday, October 1, 2009

Profile Post

sooo... i guess i should introduce myself... the name's anthony.

i'm a chinese-filipino-canadian university student born and raised in vancouver, canada (surprising, i know). and i first started actively blogging back in 2003 when xanga was the craze and then... well, we all know what happened to xanga. took a few years off the internet and showed up here, thought i'd give it another go. i haven't gotten into the micro-blogging craze yet, but i intend to try it out sometime.

i currently have no career goals in life, but a lot of goals in general. for example, someday i want to try living in different asian countries such as japan, korea, or taiwan. one of the steps i'm taking to reach this goal is learning all three languages, and i'll document some of my progress here. i know a bit of japanese, mostly conversational, and have begun studying mandarin. i also have a lot of korean friends from who i pick up some random phrases here and there. eventually i hope to be able to blog in all four languages.

my current activities include eating, dreaming about winning the lottery, and generally spending way too much time on the internet. my favorite color is green and my favorite food is ramen and i used to read lord of the rings every year. i'm very fussy about my hair and usually change my hairstyle every couple of months. i can't whistle or snap but i really like the sound of a hungry stomach. i have a brother that is sometimes temperamental, and a sister that i think is is mildy insane and i have flat thumbs.

so that's a little bit about me. hope you enjoy my blog.

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